Less show up when country meets city in Warrnambool

Less show up when country meets city in Warrnambool

DESPITE a concerted effort to lure revellers to the revamped Warrnambool show, crowd numbers were still underwhelming across the weekend.

Warrnambool Agricultural Society manager Mike Farrow said the small crowd was again disappointing.

“Unfortunately we are not being supported by the local community,” he said.

“We really do appreciate everyone who came. We thank those who did.

“We had a good crowd, but we need more to keep the show going.”

Mr Farrow said there were 10 agricultural shows held across Victoria on the weekend.

“If we are not one of the most profitable we won’t get the big rides,” he said.

“If the Warrnambool public want the big rides they need to support the show. There are five or six other shows close by and that’s what we are up against.”

The show ran competitions from Thursday to yesterday, while sideshow alley was open on Friday and Saturday.

“Most people thought it was a positive,” Mr Farrow said. “Whether it was the right two days we will need to discuss.”

New concepts introduced included a food olympics and produce hall.

“I definitely believe the highlight was the apprentice chef challenge and moving the commercial sites up to the Wannon Rooms,” Mr Farrow said.

“It’s something we can build on.”

Chris Carroll won the first-year apprentice chef challenge and Rebecca Harris took out the second-year apprentice section.

There was a four-way tie in the third-year class, with the judges unable to separate  Nick Mischkulnig, Sarah Hand, Maddie Eade and Sarah Parson’s cooking.

Mr Farrow said the shearing on Saturday night was popular, with a packed crowd watching the finals.

“The new arts and crafts pavilion and set-up was also well received,” he said.

“The gymnasium centre had a lot of kids go in and try it out and Animals 2U was a big hit. They would love to come back next year and make it bigger and bring more animals.”

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