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Farm & Pony Party Information

The number of animals we supply will depend on the number of people your expecting, as we make sure there is enough animals for everyone to interact with, animal welfare is also taken into consideration when setting up, so that animals are not over crowded or over handled, and rest areas are also provided for the animals when a large group of people are to be catered for.
We can set up an enclosure ranging from 1 by 1 to 10 by 10 meters, (depending on the space available to us, and the numbers your expecting) and our set up can be both indoors, or outdoors, with minimal mess or fuss.
Our pen size, the number and types of animals can be adjusted on the day to better suit your needs of course, as no two farm visits are ever the same, this is because we treat all our customers as individuals!  If there is a particular animal that you absolutely would like to attend, be sure to include your request on the online booking form, when booking.

We, have a constant and reliable supply of animals all year round, including out of season baby lambs, as we run a rescue for lambs as well as other animals, here on our farm, throughout the year. We also have very cute miniature piglets all year round too.

We don’t bring hay as we find it blows around in the wind, and leaves a big mess behind, we would much rather use the space in our vehicle for animals rather than hay bales, however your welcome to organise your own bales if you wish, or we can hire you a trailer full of bales for an additional cost.
We have had to organise many events and parties in the past, so we understand how difficult and confusing it can be to choose entertainers, and how important it is that they behave in a professional manner, give a quality, friendly service, and actually turn up on the day, not cancel on you at the last minute!

Because we have received many calls from people frantically searching for a replacement animal farm or ponies after the business they booked, cancelled on them at the last minute, we guarantee your booking will not be cancelled after payment for a more lucrative one, as we view this as a common, but unacceptable practice.

Our ANIMAL FARMS are filled with beautiful, unusual, friendly, healthy, and CLEAN animals.

We are entertainers and love what we do, our animals are also our pets, and are very friendly and all get along well with each other.  They have names and are allowed to be held safely in baskets, fed, and brushed gently.
We encourage everyone to hand feed them, respect them and treat them with care, whilst enjoying interacting with them and posing for photos.
Our farms are also wheelchair friendly and suitable for all ages and all abilities.  We regularly visit child care centers where children are under the age of 5 and aged care facilities where residents can be over 100 years of age, and everyone has a fantastic experience.
Our service is polite, respectful, friendly, and helpful, from beginning to end, and our staff DO NOT SMOKE, as we feel it is important for children to be in a smoke-free environment whilst enjoying our time with us.


Pony rides require a minimum of a 4 x 5-meter area, we are happy to organize the pony rides up and down the drive way and even along the footpath, we can pick up the child form the yard and take them on a ride along the footpath and back, if there is limited space in your back yard.  Helmets are also provided.

Our ponies are amazing, they can perform tricks, smile for photos, wave, and answer children’s questions too, they can even dance the hokey pokey, sneeze, and bow.  We can put special shows and demonstrations together for events and children’s parties.
Not just pony rides, a pony party!
Children can go for a slow walk, or an adrenaline rush trot, the choice is theirs, and they love it, and smiles all around!

Is there a minimum number of children required?

We cater from 1 to 100’s of people.

There is no minimum numbers required, and we are happy to set up for the enjoyment of 1 or 5000 children.

If you have a small group, you may want to consider having a joint party with a friend at a park or venue and sharing the costs.

Will the children be able to touch the animals?

Everyone gets an opportunity to touch our beautiful animals, as we feel that our hands on approach and caring guidance help children gain valuable confidence and knowledge about animals.

The small animals are placed in baskets so that they can be nursed, brushed and fed safely on laps, when not being held they have their own smaller enclosure away for the larger animals so they are safe.

Depending on the age of lambs, bottle feeding may be also part of your animal farm experience, if they are due for a feed whilst we are visiting.

We will stay until every child has had chance to interact with each of our animals.  We make sure everyone as a fantastic time, however we do reserve the right to refuse any child from touching or interacting with any animal, if we feel that the child’s conduct may be harmful to themselves or the animals, which is rare.

There are lots of photo opportunities with our animals too, and we pride ourselves on fantastic customer services for both young and old!

What ages do our parties suit?

Our animal parties are suitable for all ages, as we tailor our presentation to suit each age group and have the needs of our guests in mind when doing so.

We visit playgroups and nursing homes and everyone has a great time with our animals.

What animals do you bring?


Included in our Animal Farm package:
One or two experienced, friendly, professional staff in uniform;
Approximately 15 to 30 animals, depending on numbers expected;
A modular enclosure that can be set up in most areas and sizes;
A marquee for changing weather conditions;
Seating inside the animal pen;
Baskets for safe handling of small animals;
Feed for the animals;
Waste & Water Buckets;
Water Bowls;
Hand Sanitiser;
Tarp (when ordered, additional fee applies);
Free Printable invitations (upon request);
Free Printable Animals 2U colouring-in sheet (upon request).
Animals included:
Kid goats;
Guinea Pigs;
Pet Rats;
Alpaca (or pony if we have rides booked);
Farm Cat;
Working Dog;

What is the duration of the party?

We have animal and pony visits to suit most parities or functions.

Duration of parties vary depending on which party package is booked.

Our animal  and pony visits are usually 2 hours duration.

How much does the party cost?

Our prices start from $1210, these prices include GST.

This cost includes up to 4 hours of return travel from Bagshot, Bendigo.

Due to the fact that we tailor parties to your individual needs, and that our prices vary depending on where you are located, the package you wish to book, and the length of time we visit.

It is best if you supply us with a little information about your party plans so we can give you an exact quote, therefore we suggest you contact us for a quote or to find out more!

How do I pay for my booking?

  • EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)
  • Direct Deposit
  • Money Order
  • Personal Cheque

Please Note:  Payments are ONLY confirmed once your payment has been received.

What if it Rains?

We provide cover for our animals farms rain or shine, because we know that the weather is ever changing.  We can set up in a garage, under a carport or veranda.

We are also willing to change your entertainment package to suit the weather conditions, so if you have booked pony rides and it’s torrentially raining, we are happy to change the entertainment to face painting or alternative entertainment to better suit the weather.

We try to be as flexible as possible, availability permitting, so that you have fantastic entertainment at your party, rain or shine.

It’s nice to have some undercover organised for your guests as well.

Tarps, tent poles and ropes can be purchased at your local hardware, or a range marquee’s can be purchased or hired at very reasonable prices.

We provide our own 4 x 4 meter marquee for our farm or pony parties and golf umbrellas for pony rides, you just need a rain coat for the kids to share.

What about the mess?

What mess?

We ensure that your home, venue or pre-school is left just as we found it.

If you have soft fall or paved surfaces, we can supply a large tarp if you let us know in advance.

We do not use hay as we have found in the past that it gets blown around in the wind, and ends up everywhere.

We use a light cover of wood shavings over our own tarp or we just use an old towel to absorb any liquids.

No mess or Fuss!

Are you insured?

We carry 20 million dollars public liability insurance for your piece of mind, and we are more than happy to supply you with a copy of our certificate of currency upon request.

How do I confirm my booking?

You can confirm your booking by filling in our online booking form under make a booking and paying for the invoice we send you as soon as you receive it, or paying for your booking as soon as you confirm that the spot is available.  Our banking details can be found below the booking form.

Call Jason or Susan on 0405 002 377 between 8am – 5pm Monday – Friday to confirm availability.
Text any time.

Do you cater for people with special needs?

We have had the opportunity to share our animals with both adults and children with disabilities on many occasions over the past 10 years, and have had the opportunity to see the benefits first hand.

In the United States animal assisted therapy is very popular and now is becoming more and more popular here is Australia.


A person can put aside his or her own troubles in the immediate job of caring for a horse. Horses are large and strong, which challenges a person to overcome his fear in order to work with the animal. Horses mirror moods, too; they respond negatively to negative emotions, teaching the client that his behaviour can affect others, and making it necessary to modify behaviour in order to work successfully with the animal.


Other animal assisted therapies include canine therapy which is the most common and seems to be especially successful with emotionally troubled people (both children and adults). A dog’s ability to empathise and to physically interact often helps emotionally closed people by creating a safe relationship in which they can let their guard down.


Donkeys are sometimes used as well, in programs that are very similar to equine programs. The gentle nature of donkeys, and their smaller stature, makes them less intimidating for children who may be easily scared by a horse.


Though cats aren’t as easy to include in AAT (animal assisted therapy) programs (mainly because more people are allergic to them), some programs work very well in assisted living and nursing homes. Because cats are calmer, older people are often more comfortable with them than with dogs. Cats are also able to get physically closer to a patient (sitting in her lap, for example) than most dogs, and the closeness can provide added comfort and ease feelings of loneliness in older patients.

Small Animals

Other small animals are often used as well; rabbits, guinea pigs, chick, ducklings, birds, even fish. The smaller animals are great for older patients, or in group homes and other residential settings. The presence of an animal can make a clinical setting feel more like home, and help patients relax.

The emotional effects that therapy animals bring to their patients are even more wide-ranging and important. Therapy animals are proven to reduce stress, loneliness, grief, fear, and pain. They allow patients to focus their attention on something outside of themselves—an especially important part of therapy for the mentally ill, who can have difficulty thinking or talking about nothing but their own problems.

The animals provide a source of entertainment in otherwise drab and impersonal places, and allow for the patients to interact socially in ways they might not have before. For those in counselling, the animals open an emotionally safe avenue of communication between the patient and the therapist.

Therapy animals accept humans for who they are, which consequently increases confidence and self-esteem. For those who have been physically or sexually abused, the animals allow them to learn appropriate, safe, non-threatening touch. For elderly and ill patients, the animals serve to spark old memories, orient people back to reality, and increase their sense of responsibility toward another life. This, in turn, gives people a reason to live. All in all, therapy animals activate many patients’ nurturing sides and give them a focus outside of their particular problems.

Therapy animals positively affect people of all ages. The animals bring a host of emotional and physical benefits to those in hospitals, nursing homes, and other places. Therapy animals are reputed to save many lives, and provide love and kindness to those in life’s final hours.

What are your Terms & Conditions?

Please take the time to read this page containing terms and conditions before booking, this will avoid any unwanted misunderstandings.

You must inform all parents of children taking part in the entertainment arranged by you, if their child will be engaging in horse or animal related activities (due to allergies etc).

Horses have a weight restriction of 45kg for rides, and only one child can ride one a pony at one time.

A larger pony may be available if arranged in advance to suit up to 55 kg.

Parents or a designated person is required to fit helmets and lift the children onto the pony.  We can supply an extra helper if required at an additional cost.

Trick horses are only supplied with our Pony Trick Show, Fairy & Unicorn Pony Parties, and Clown & Circus Pony Parties

All cancellations and postponements to be paid in full.

Bookings are only secured and held exclusively for you once full payment or a purchase order is received, and we work on a “first in with their payment” basis.

You must fill in an online “booking form” which can be found on our website home page under “make a booking”  to supply us with your party and booking details, and you must agree to these terms and conditions.

If you make a change to your booking once your booking form is submitted, you must submit a new booking form and make a note on the new form submitted that it has been re-submitted (some exceptions are made if you do not have access to a computer).

Once you return the completed booking form, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to our terms and conditions and our cancellation policy.

It is up to you our customer to inform yourself of our terms and conditions, which have been made readily available on each relevant page of our website and on our booking form.

It is up to you our customers to have a wet weather plan in place.  We provide limited shelter for our animals, ponies and show.  Some of our horses can wear rubber sole shoes to protect floors and stop them from slipping if they need to come inside your home or hall.

We have our own wet weather gear in the way of boots and Oil Skin jackets and our horses have their own rugs for wet weather riding, so just supply a rain coat for the children to share and a large golf umbrella should save the day.

In torrential rain, where there is no shelter, the pony rides may be not possible, we leave it to our discretion to replace pony rides with another activity, such as games, balloon bending  and/or face painting, and will discuss the options with you on the day.

Our marquees are not suitable shelter in high winds or torrential rain, so an alternative, such as a garage, carport or a large tarp erected by yourself may be necessary.

Entertainment or entertainers may be changed without notice due to ill health or other circumstances out of our control.

We have many entertainers and try and replace sick entertainers with healthy ones, but in the rare event of there being no replacement available, we reserve the right to cancel the entertainment and refund your money.

You must ensure there is adequate parking and access for a vehicle (4 car spots long) if you book multiple horses you need to allow adequate parking for a vehicle towing a horse float parking.

You must leave the driveway/front of the premises free for easy packing and unloading to avoid delays.

Our animal transport vehicles require a standard car space with enough room to unload out of the back and side of the van, our horse float (when booking multiple ponies) requires three tandem (one in front of the other, NOT side by side) car parking spot to drive into, as we are unable to reverse park our car and horse floats into tight spots or on main roads.

Due to the length of our vehicle and float, we are unable to reverse into driveways on narrow roads or streets with cars parked opposite your driveway, so please do not park directly opposite your driveway or park your car there until we arrive so that other drivers don’t park there, so we can reverse in and out.

We reserve the right to cancel the party entertainment if there is no adequate access, parking, or inadequate directions are given.

If we are late due to inadequate directions or parking arrangements, the time will not be made up.

We reserve the right to eject a child who has deemed a danger to our animals from the animal nursery, if after numerous attempts to explain adequate behavior around animals, go ignored by the child, and there is no suitable adult available to supervise the child closely within the farm.

You MUST inform us if your child or a child attending the party has special needs so that we can better cater to the child, otherwise, we may think the child is misbehaving and take appropriate action (as above).

You must not assume an email, phone message, or text message as received unless you receive a confirmation from us, and changes to bookings must be made on a fresh booking form.

Please ensure you confirm your party 24 hours before.

We feel the need to specify all of the above to avoid any misunderstandings.

We try and avoid any additional stress caused by misunderstandings, by informing you of all of the above, so you know what is expected from you and what you can expect from us.

We look forward to entertaining at your next party and making it a huge success.

Our testimonials page says a lot about how successful our parties are, and how much our customers enjoy the service they receive.

Susan & Jason


0405 002 377

Is side gate access okay?


You need to tell us:

If access is difficult

If you have a steep driveway

If the party is being held more than 15 meters from our vehicle

If there are stairs or steps

If we are to set up on a hard surface instead of grass.

If you need us to bring a tarp.

* Please note that additional charges may be applicable for areas which are difficult to access.

By disclosing and ensuring the above points are covered by you, it helps us come better prepared, keeps children and animals safe and helps the party run smoother and on time.

What about parking?

It is imperative that we have somewhere to park our cars and trailers when our animals and ponies visit.

Failure to plan ahead, and leave us a spot in front of your home or venue, to park our car and trailer, can cause unnecessary delays for your party (this time will not be made up) or may even cause us to cancel our visit.

Please ensure you make a note for yourself to cordon off a 3 (three) tandem car spot (in a straight line), the night before, or early in the morning, so we can drive our car and trailer into the parking spot, and there is enough room to straighten the trailer up.

You can use any of the following suggestions to cordon off an area:

  1. Wheelie Bins spread apart with an A4 Page with “Animal Farm Parking” printed on it

  2. Witches Hats

  3. Your own cars, spaced out

  4. Old Milk Crates

Even if you have not booked pony rides, we usually have a pony on board for other parties, and please have in mind that some of our visits involve, the unloading of fence panels, animals, horses, seats, bags and cages, and if we need to carry it a long distance we need to employ more staff, which increases the cost to you.

Please let us know in advance if this is the case so we can arrange to have extra staff on the day and quote it out accordingly.

Below is what some of our customers did to save us a parking spot.  It puts a smile on our face and we arrive happier than ever and most importantly start on time.

Do I need to supply soap and water?

Yes!  It is a good idea to have soap, water and a towel available for hand washing.

Although we supply antibacterial gel, please supply fresh water in a bucket, soap and paper towels or a towel for your guests to wash and dry their hands after handling animals and before they eat.

How many animals do you bring?

With our Animal Farm, we bring over 20 animals along so that there are plenty of animals to pet, nurse, and hand feed on the day.

Our Large Animal Farm has over 30 animals within the enclosure.

Our animals include bunnies, frizzle chicks, Indian runner ducklings, fancy hens, lambs, kid goats, and guinea pigs.

We also have other animals such as puppies, alpacas, and toy ponies from time to time in the nursery.

What do the children do?

The children have the opportunity to nurse, cuddle, brush, hand feed, bottle-feed, observe, stroke and pose for pictures with all our animals.

Our animal visits are very interactive and popular amongst both children and adults.

How big is the enclosure?

Party Pets

Our Party Pets cater for smaller parties or functions, at any location either indoor and out doors, rain or shine with no mess or fuss and needs approximately a 3 x 3 meter area, and is best suited to small groups of no more than 15 children, there is no pen with this option, and can be set up in any size area, the size of the area is mainly dictated by the number of children present.

Animal Farm

Our Animal Farm caters for medium to large parties or functions, at any location either indoor and out doors, rain or shine with no mess or fuss and needs approximately a 4 x 4 meter area, and is best suited to medium to large groups of 20 to 50 children, there is a pen set up around the animals, with this option.

Large Animal Farm

Our large animal nursery is an 8 x 8 meter enclosure, and can be set up smaller if required as the panels can be arranged to suit most areas.

The pen can be set up with a centre enclosure, so that the larger animals can be fed without the fear of them jumping or nocking over the children, and small animals are on display for the children to feed and touch in triangular enclosures along the fence line.

This way we ensure that children who have not had much exposure to animals in the past, don’t suddenly find themselves surrounded by animals and get frightened.  We like to ease the youngsters into the animal handling experience, so that they are happy to stay.

This nursery is better suited to fetes, fairs, and public animal farms.

Where are you located?

We are located in Bagshot, Bendigo VIC.

We come to you, and we service most areas in and around Melbourne and Bendigo.

Our prices start from $1210 including GST and up to 4 hours of return travel from our location to you is included free of charge.

Additional charges will apply if you are over 4 hours return from us.

E-mail us to get an exact quote or to check if we service your area.


What about the mess?

We ensure that your home, venue or pre-school is left just as we found it.

If you have soft fall or paved surfaces, we can supply a large tarp if you let us know in advance.

We do not use hay as we have found in the past that it gets blown around in the wind, and ends up everywhere.

We use a light cover of wood shavings over our own tarp or we just use an old towel to absorb any liquids.

No mess or Fuss!